"You mean it's like good luck only in reverse, like in a mirror?"


We were walking along the street while we talked. A car came by. It went through a puddle and splashed Jimmy with water. He didn't seem to notice, he was so used to it now. It wouldn't matter where he walked, a car wheel would find a puddle somewhere, and he would cop it.

It would be fantastic if I had good luck for all the bad luck!" said Jimmy. "Man, I'd like it to go in reverse, only in reverse, if you know what I mean! I'd be unstoppable!"

A ten dollar note danced across the footpath driven by a gust of wind. Jimmy made a grab for it, but it slipped down a grating in the gutter.

"See that?" he said. "I knew I'd miss it!"

I stood by the grating, looking down into the darkness. The money was still there, turning slowly in the water. The Queen's face smiled back at me, as if she was enjoying the joke.

"You won't be able to get it," said Jimmy. "I'm with you, remember?"

I ignored him and pushed my hand through the grill. It was a tight fit but I managed to get my arm down as far as the elbow. One of the cool advantages of being a skinny kid! My fingers touched the money ... it was nearly between my fingers ... nearly ... nearly ... but the water suddenly swirled and sucked it under and away, down the pipe.

"Told you!" said Jimmy. He actually sounded pleased.

"I almost had it!" I said, rubbing my arm where the metal had left a red mark. "It was that close!"

"It's like when I play soccer," said Jimmy. "I always hit the side of the goal. It never goes through!"

"That's why you were dropped from the team," I said. "Our school didn't win a single game... even when you were on the sideline watching!"

We walked on, with our hands in our pockets, thinking about all the bad luck Jimmy had. He was a real jinx. I was the only friend he had left too, and I was a bit nervous about it. Most of the other guys who had tried to be a friend to him had ended up with broken arms, broken legs, or something like that. It was dangerous being too close to Jimmy and his luck.