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Unexpected Turns - Bang!

Angus Magill forced himself to sit up in bed. His wife, who lay beside him, her face red and sweaty, her hands white and limp, tried to speak.

"Don't do it!" she whispered.

"I have to!" said Angus, "You know what happens if they don't get milked."

"Leave it till tonight."

"It's been twenty four hours already. I have to do something before they burst!"

Mrs. Magill said no more. She watched her husband anxiously as he struggled to his feet and shuffled out of the room.

Slowly, carefully, Angus made his way through the house. He was already dressed, trousers, shirt, jersey, coat, even his boots were on and laced up. He opened the front door and stepped out into the warm, mild afternoon. He stayed there for a while, gathering his strength, then he went across to his tractor and climbed up into the seat. He turned the key and waited for the engine to warm up, then he drove slowly down the dirt track to the cow shed.

The cows were there, moaning. They stirred restlessly as the tractor chugged up to the fence. Angus climbed slowly down and went over to the fence.

"There there," he said, "I know it hurts. You'll soon be OK."

The cows, Bess and Blackie swung their heads and looked at him with their huge brown eyes. The pain of their over full udders was increasing every minute.

Angus opened the door to the milking fence and Bess pushed her way in. Blackie protested, but the boards slid across behind her front and back legs so she had to wait. Angus patted Bess and tugged at her ear.

"Sorry old girl. I would have come sooner, only I was too weak to get here. It's the flu. It's got me hog tied!"

The bucket was dropped into position and the stool brought round, and Angus began to pull on the teats. Warm white milk rattled against the side of the bucket and Bess gave a long low of relief.

When he was finished, Angus slid the boards aside and let Bess back out. Blackie pushed her way eagerly to the front and waited for her turn. Angus leaned against the wall and waited for his strength to return. He was
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