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Wisdom Bulletin Cover

Wisdom House
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Wisdom House Clipart

Building a store of wisdom in your life is like building a castle out of brick. Strong and sturdy. Wisdom is a firm foundation, something that can be built upon. The things I have learned in life that were built on wisdom are the things in my life that work and keep on working. There have been things I thought were wise, but they nada shifty foundation and didn't always works. I suppose it took finding out that they didn't work in order for me to turn to something else and then value the wise new way because I lived in folly for so long.

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tags: wisdom, Proverb, house, church, build, built, verse, photo, bulletin, chapel, ireland

clip art id: 2921
short name: Wisdom House
Verse Art: Scott Yardley
Artwork: JoAnn Yardley

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