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Christian Clip Art Image Swapping
missing clipart Swapping Clipart for Banner Ads
Have you seen this ChristArt advertisement on your's or someone else's website? If so, it's because the programmer of that site didn't copy our images to their server. ChristArt swaps out clipart requests from our server with advertisements.

But Why?
When you go to a website a couple of things happen. First, your computer requests the HTML file for that webpage. Upon receiving it your computer reads the file and starts to draw the webpage on your screen. When it has to place a picture on your screen, your computer makes another request for that picture file. This happens for each image on a webpage. The HTML file says where to get the images. It can say to get the images from the same website the HTML file itself came from, or it can even say to get the image directly from This can make our computers too busy and slow our website down. Also, we pay for how many files are requested from our server. Kinda like you pay for phone minutes. When someone calls you on your cell phone, it costs both you and the caller minutes. But let's say it costs ChristArt minutes also. That wouldn't be fair, but that is what happens when one website pulls images from another website.

Who's pulling our images?
Many programmers pull images from ChristArt in this way because they're not very experienced with programming. Webpage creation tools like Front Page require little or no programming knowledge. Online bulletin boards are also a big problem. These sites allow people to post their thoughts, but they don't allow them to upload clipart files. So when people want to place clipart within their post they have to pull the clipart files from somewhere else besides the bulletin board site. Then there is the abandoned site. Many sites with our images were abandoned by the programmer years ago...let's say it was a pet they got tired of. Still the webpage is visited now and then and ChristArt has to pay out more minutes. With thousands of sites showing ChristArt's images these minutes add up.

Turning lemons into lemonade
There are ways to prevent people from pulling clipart remotely. But if we did that then all the post cards sent out from our site wouldn't work because the HTML code for those post cards resides remotely in an email box. If we deleted the images or moved them to another location within our computers, our computers would still have to handle all the requests for images. This slows down our website. Since we're paying we might as well get a little advertising out of it. So...we swap out the images with an ad.