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Animal Hunters

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Animal Hunters

tags: animal, hunter, sin, fall, animal, hunt, death

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short name: Animal Hunters
nutshell: Animal Humter

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Wording of this Handout:

Animal Hunters
Have you ever seen, on TV, animals hunting and killing and eating other animals?
It seems cruel doesn't it?
Have you ever wondered why this happens?
One reason given is that animals need meat to live, but that's not
exactly true.
Most animals which eat meat, can be raised very well on vegetables.
I once met some people who fed their dog nothing but fruit and
vegetables,and they said the dog had no 'doggy' smell or 'doggy' breath.
This was really good, because the dog traveled with the people in their campervan!
So why do animals eat other animals?
The answer is in the Bible.
When God first created the world and all the animals, not one animal ate meat. God made the grass and leaves and fruit so yummy, none of the animals even wanted to eat anything else!
But God also made humans - the very first humans in the whole universe - and these humans disobeyed God. As soon as they disobeyed God, God punished them by making them start to grow old.
As well as this, God made the world change, and animals started to hunger for meat.
And that's how its been ever since then . . . But one day, when Jesus
comes back to this world as the King of kings, all the animals will change back to how they used to be.
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