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Guinea pigs

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Guinea pigs

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short name: Guinea pigs
nutshell: Guinea pigs

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Wording of this Handout:

These cute, friendly, grass-eating, rather stupid little rodents come from a long, long way . . . Panama.

They were first discovered by Vasco Nunez de Balboa, on one of his brave voyages around the world.

The Spanish conquistadors were amazed when they saw the little creatures scampering around the Indian villages.

The guinea pigs were quite unafraid of the natives. . .even though they ATE them!!! Yes, its true guinea-pig-steak was there most common meal!!!

I used to have guinea pigs. I had a long-haired albino male, and an Abysinnian albino female, and when these two had babies, they had three albinos in one litter. Impressed?

These squeaky little hairy pigs were easy to look after. I picked grass for them, and dropped apples, carrots, and cabbage leaves on their heads.

If you are thinking of having a guinea pig, be sure to make a really strong cage, because dogs can kill them with just a bit of barking. You\'ll probably have
to rope your Dad into building the cage. If you do, don\'t blame me. l never said a word about guinea pigs, did 1?
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