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Bible Bird Puzzle

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Bible Bird Puzzle

tags: Bible, bird, quiz, quiz, bird, activity

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short name: Bible Bird Puzzle
nutshell: A fun quiz that requires you to look of a verse to find the name of bird.

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Wording of this Handout:

Guess the bird, or look up the verse in the Bible.
1. Two powerful legs, fluffy feathers, large eggs. (Job 39:13)
2. Symbol of peace. (Matthew 10:16)
3. Majestic, big bird, hooked beak. (Isaiah 40:31)
4. Black feathers, feeder on dead animals. (Genesis 8:7)
5. Flies at night, silent flyer. (Isaiah 34: 11)
6. City bird, nests on buildings, walks a lot. (luke 2:24)
7. Small, brown, shy, lives with others of its kind. (Exodus 16: 13)
8. Swift flyer, makes a nest from mud, farmer's friend. (Psalm 84:3)
9. Hunter like a jet, hooked beak, sharp eyes. (Job 39:26)
10. long legs, beach and pond wader, long beak. (Jeremiah 8:7)

1. Ostrich
2. Dove
3. Eagle
4. Raven
5. Owl
6. Pigeons
7. Quail
8. Swallow
9. Hawk
10. Stork
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