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The Trilobites

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The Trilobites

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short name: The Trilobites
nutshell: Trilobites

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Wording of this Handout:

This is what a trilobite looks like. No-one has seen a living trilobite, but there are plenty of fossils!

They were many sizes. Some were as small as your thumb, and some were as large as a child.

Some had eyes and some didn't.

Feelers for object sensing.

Eyes for underwater viewing.

Legs for sea floor walking.

Body with jointed shell.

Body armour for protection.

Here's a bit of amazing science for really smart readers. A scientist who studied trilobite eyes said that they showed a solution to "Fermat's principle, Abbe's sine law, Snell's laws of refraction and the optics of birefringent crystals" (!!!)

They lived mainly on the floor of the sea, and when the Great Rood of Noah's day came, they were (probably) buried first by the mud and stones. That is why their fossils are found in the lowest layers of rock.
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