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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Peggy

tags: true, dog, story, peggy, true story, east anglia, dog

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short name: Peggy
nutshell: Dogs

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Wording of this Handout:

The dog who saved a baby.

This true story comes from England.

During the Second World War, East Anglia was bombed. One of the houses in East Anglia was almost destroyed by the explosions. In the house was a dog called Peggy and a baby in a pram.

When the dust had cleared, the pram was covered in dust and rubble, and the window was broken. Peggy could have jumped straight out the window and escaped, but when she looked at the baby's pram she realized something.

The poor wee baby was so covered by dust it could hardly breathe.

Peggy went over to the pram and started to scrape away the dust. Soon she had made a hole to let the air down to the Baby's mouth. Then Peggy sat down beside the pram and waited for someone to come.

She showed great intelligence by saving the baby, and she showed great courage by staying near instead of running away.

Another great friend we have is Jesus. He will always stay close by, and care for us when we get into trouble.
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