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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Snowflake

tags: snowflake, craft

handout id: 3307
short name: Snowflake
nutshell: Paper Snowflake

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Wording of this Handout:

Warning! To make this snowflake. You will need PATIENCE and a GENTLE
TOUCH! You cannot make it if you are rough with the paper. It is DELICATE

OK. First of all. You cut out the three pieces, and then cut out the
prongs, or branches of the snowflakes.

Now, carefully push A through the slot in the middle of B. Flatten the two
pieces so one is on top of the other.

Now comes the tricky part. Gently fold the square, flat snowflake you
have, and push it halfway through C. Very carefully pull the four sides
outwards, so each side fits into a slot. When you have all four fitted in.
Gently tug the snowflake into a tidy shape, and straighten any bent

If you feel like a challenge, try copying the pattern. and make a bigger.
Brighter, colourful snowflake. Perhaps you could make a lot of them. To
hang on the Christmas tree, or just decorate your room.
download this handout