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Jesus or Santa

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Jesus or Santa

tags: Jesus, Santa, Christmas

handout id: 3317
short name: Jesus or Santa
nutshell: Jesus or Santa

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Wording of this Handout:

Santa lives at the north poleJesus lives in heaven
Santa rides on a sleighJesus can fly
Santa comes only once a yearJesus is with us all the time
Santa brings toysJesus brings love
Santa comes down chimneysJesus comes into hearts
Santa lets himself inJesus knocks and waits
Santa makes kids wait in a lineJesus is never to busy
Santa lets kids sit on his kneeJesus upholds us with his power
Santa doesn't know your nameJesus knows everything
Santa eats to muchJesus has perfect self control
Santa offers a little happinessJesus gives perfect happiness
Santa gives toysJesus gives new lives
Santa cheers you upJesus gives you inner strength
Santa leaves a few giftsJesus gave himself
Santa is not realJesus is real and true

Who would you rather have ?
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