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How to Get into Heaven

Sunday School Activity Sheet: How to Get into Heaven

tags: gospel

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short name: How to Get into Heaven
nutshell: Gospel

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Wording of this Handout:

If you want to get to Heaven.

The first thing to do is understand
you cannot get there by yourself. No matter how hard you try, you can never be good enough.
When God looks at you He sees your heart, and He knows you are not perfect in His sight.

The second thing to do is trust in Jesus. Jesus is the son of God. He came
to Earth about 2000 years ago, and he lived for about 30 years as a man.
during that time he did many miracles, which proved that he was God's son.
At the end of this work, he died then three days later he came back to life.
then he went to back to heaven.
you must trust that Jesus died for you.
He took your sins and died in your place.

The third thing to do is follow Jesus.
This means reading the Bible to find out
how he wants you to live.
And also, make friends with other Christians.
Christians are people who try to obey Jesus in everything they do and say.
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