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The Biggest Boat in the World ( 2 of 2 )

Sunday School Handout:

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short name:The Biggest Boat in the World ( 2 of 2 )
nutshell:Noahs Ark

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Wording of this Handout:

Page One

When the boat was ready, God started to bring the animals to it. Two of every kind, male and female... For example, a mare and a stallion, a bull and a cow, a ram and a ewe, and so on, until two of all the different kinds of dinosaurs (just baby ones) were on board. And only land creatures, and birds - fish and insects were left to fend for themselves.

Noah's ark was large enough to hold 45,000 animals.

Then, when all the animals were on board, God told Noah to go into the boat and wait. Noah told the people outside one more time - the people who were laughing at him - to come into the boat with him, because God, he said, was going to send a mighty flood to cover the whole world.

But the people stayed away. Some of them thought Noah was mad, others trusted in their own ideas to be safe. Some people couldn't care less, so they went on with their lives as if Noah didn't exist.

For a whole week Noah and his family waited inside the ark... But not a single person in the world came to the door, and not a single drop of rain fell. The sun kept shining, and the days went by peacefully. Then the time ran out, and God shut the door. BANG! Noah and his family were sealed inside.

Suddenly the sky filled with something the people of those days had never seen before. Rain! Huge drops of water fell from the sky, millions and millions of great big, watery drops, splattering and thumping down... And then with a roar the ground began to split open and huge fountains of warm water gushed upwards from deep underground. The people outside the boat began to run for cover as the waters rose, and they and the faster animals managed to climb higher and higher up the hills as the water rose.

Some people shouted to Noah to let them in, but God kept the door shut. He had waited one hundred and twenty years for the world to listen to Noah - now there was no more time left.

Have you ever noticed how, in some ways, Jesus is just like Noah's boat? If you put your trust in Jesus now, you will be saved, no matter what happens in the future - and there's always plenty of room for you in God's family!
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