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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Tootles

tags: gospel

handout id: 3330
short name: Tootles
nutshell: Gospel

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Wording of this Handout:

Tootle was a little train who hated having to run along tracks all the time. "Every day, always the same!" grumbled Tootle, "Why do I have to stay on the tracks? Why can't I go wherever I want?!"
"Because said the biggest train, "Things just don't work out if you go without tracks under you."
Tootle pretended to agree, but in his heart he was very disobedient.
Then one day, while the other trains were far away, Tootle took off along the tracks which led into the country.
"I'll show them!" said Tootle, "I'll leave the tracks far behind and have lots of fun playing in the country without those stupid things under me!"
He reached a curve in the line and jumped.
At first he seemed to be going well, mainly because the ground was hard, and it was down hill, but soon he found his wheels sinking in.
"Hey!" he shouted, "Don't do that wheels!"
But the wheels went further and further into the soft soil, and Tootle's carriages started to drag . . . and in less that five minutes Tootle was completely stuck!
"Oh dear!" said Tootle, "Now I'll have to wait for the crane to come and pull me out!"

The point is: God has given us the freedom to do what He wants, or what we want. Just like Tootle, we can go our own way instead of God's way. But we always go best on the tracks of God's Word the Bible.
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