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The Christmas Story

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The Christmas Story

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short name: The Christmas Story
nutshell: Christmas story

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Wording of this Handout:

The Christmas Story
It may surprise you to know that Christmas started about 6000 ...
years ago Read on to find out how!

To understand how Christmas could start so long ago,we have to travel back in time. How far back? Further than before you were born, or before your grandparents.
Back more than a thousand years,and then another. Back and back, before the great civilizations of Rome, and Greece, and Babylon and Egypt. Back to the first few days of life on earth, when God created Adam and Eve, the first two human beings in the whole universe!

To Adam and Eve the promise was made that one day, a long time from when they were living, a Saviour would come.

The first intimations of a Saviour to come are found in Genesis 3:15 where God promised that Someone descended from Eve would tread the devil under His feet.

Now let us go from Adam and Eve and add about 4000 years. we come to the time when Jesus was born

Christmas is the day which Christians use to remember the birth of Jesus, the promised Saviour.

What did Jesus do after he was born?

Well, like all babies, he grew up and soon he was a boy, then a man.

When he was about 30 years old he started to go about where he lived, teaching and preaching. He also worked miracles.

Jesus showed people what God is really like. He was kind, and forgiving, gentle and honest, he was reliable and good, and he cared for everyone who came to him.

But Jesus also died on a cross. Even though he never did a bad thing, or said a bad word, he paid the price for all the people in the world - who always do and say bad things some time in their lives

If you accept Jesus as the One who died for you, God can forgive you all your sins and welcome you into heaven. But you can only get there if Jesus is your own personal Saviour.

Christmas is Saviour time!
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