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Giving Orders ( 2 of 2 )

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Giving Orders ( 2 of 2 )

tags: Jesus, soldier, comic, orders

handout id: 3339
short name: Giving Orders ( 2 of 2 )
nutshell: Jesus and the Soldier

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Jesus: He's paralysed?
Soldier: Yes! And he's in terrible pain!
Jesus: I will come and heal him
Soldier: There's no need for you to come.
Jesus: Why?
Soldier: Because I'm a soldier. I know to give orders. I have authority over men.
You are the same. If you give ann order it has to be obeyed.
Just say the word and my servant will be cured!
Jesus: What amazing faith you have!
I haven't come across faith like this in the Jewish nation!
Jesus: Go your way Your servant is well again!
Soldier: Thank you Lord I knew you could help me!
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