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God and Humans

Sunday School Activity Sheet: God and Humans

tags: God, you, human

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short name: God and Humans
nutshell: God and you

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Wording of this Handout:

When God created humans, he made them a little bit like Himself. Can you
think of ways in which you are like God?

1. God can speak - so can you. God spoke to Adam and Eve, and king
Solomon, and many other people in the Bible

2. God can think - so can you. God is really smart. He is so wise He can
work out how to make a solar system, and a universe, and an earth, and

3. God can write - so can you ( I hope!) God helped people write the
Bible. He made sure that not a single mistake was made.

4. God can be creative - so can you. Just as God has made many beautiful
things, you can too - even if it is something like arranging flowers, or
planting a garden.

5. God can choose - so can you. God chose to make this world. You can
choose many things too - like whether to obey someone or not.

6. God can love - so can you. Do you love someone, or a pet. Your love is
a gift which God put inside you.

7. God can do many other things. He can judge, and forgive, and help, and
remember, and teach, and show mercy, and be faithful ... and so can you.

Only humans are like God in this way. Aren't you glad that God made you so
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