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Bible Quiz

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Bible Quiz

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short name: Bible Quiz
nutshell: Bible Quiz

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Wording of this Handout:

1. Did Eve help Adam name all the animals?
2. Did Adam have a belly button?
3. Were there dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?
4. Is the Garden of Eden able to be found today?
5. Can God ever sin or make a mistake?
6. Did death start before or after Adam sinned?
7. Did animals eat meat before Adam sinned?
8.Was night created before or after God created the sun?
9. Did God create birds and fish on the same day?
10. Has God finished creation or is he still going?
11. Where do dogs come from?
12. Did it rain before Noah went into the Ark?
13. Who shut the door on Noah's Ark?
14. Was Adam nearby or far away when Satan tempted Eve?
15. Was the fruit which Satan tempted Eve with an apple?
16. Did Adam and Eve wear clothes before they sinned?
17. Was Jesus in the garden of Eden?
18. Do all the world's people come from Adam and Eve?
19. Who came first - Adam or Jesus?
20. Who designed the Ark?

1. No, 2. No, 3. Yes, 4. No, 5. No, 6. After, 7. No, 8. Before, 9. Yes, 10. He has finished creation, 11. Dogs, 12. No, after he went in, 13. God, 14. Nearby, 15. The Bible doesn't say what kind of fruit it was, 16. No, 17. Yes, 18. Yes, 19. Jesus, because He created Adam, 20. God
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