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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Dragons

tags: dragon, dinosaur

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short name: Dragons
nutshell: Dragons

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Wording of this Handout:

The Chinese have long had a tradition of drawing a dinosaur­like creature. Here is one which adorns some Imperlal furniture. As you can see, it is like a lizard, with scaly skin, and 5 claws, which shows it was for the Emperor. It is, in fact, a large reptile, with a few fancy decorations added.

There are many stories which come to us from the past, of people who have actually killed dinosaur-like creatures. One of the best known is St. George and the Dragon.
But there were many other so-called saints who killed Dragonds...
St. Michael, St. Margaret, St. Samson, St. Clement, St. Romain. St. Philip, St. Martha, St. Florent, St. Cado, St. Maudet, St. Pol, and St. Keyne.
The poor old Dragons didn't have much of a chance with all these 'saints' charging about trying to kill them, did they!

This rough drawing was found in a cave. It shows the outline of a dinosaur. The person who drew it many thousands of years ago might have been a hunter of dinosaurs.
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