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Are Dinosaurs in the Bible

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Are Dinosaurs in the Bible

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short name: Are Dinosaurs in the Bible
nutshell: In the bible

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Wording of this Handout:


Are there dinosaurs in the Bible?
The word “dinosaur” does not appear in the Bible. This is because the word “dinosaur” was not invented until 1841, and the Bible was translated into English in 1611. This means that the Bible had to use other words for “dinosaur” 230 years before anyone had heard of the word “dinosaur”.

So what word did the Bible use instead of “dinosaur”?
It looks like the word “dragon” was used, and the words “leviathan” and “behemoth”.
If you want to find “dragons” in the Bible, look up these verses: Psalms 44:19, 74:13 and 91:13

What else does the Bible say about “dragons”?
It says they lived in groups or dens (Jeremiah 10:22).
It says they ate grass (Jeremiah 14:6).
It says they made a wailing sound (Micah 1:8).
And it says they lived in the wilderness away from people (Malachi 1:3).
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