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Dinosaur Facts 4

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Dinosaur Facts 4

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short name: Dinosaur Facts 4
nutshell: First dinosaur

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Wording of this Handout:

When were dinosaurs discovered?

Most books will tell you that the first dinosaur was discovered in 1822, when Mary Mantell found a stone with a tooth in it on the side of the road while she was out walking in the country.
She showed the stone to her husband, who named the animal the tooth came from an Iguanadon.

But dinosaurs were discovered long before Mary came along!

God created dinosaurs about 6000 years ago, on day six of Creation week. People were created on the same day, so they must have seen the dinosaurs many times.

People were used to seeing dinosaurs for hundreds of years, until the Great Flood, which covered the earth.

After that, the only people who saw dinosaurs were Noah and his family, for about a year, while they were in the Ark.

When the Great Flood was over, Noah let all the animals out of the Ark. The new generation of people grew up with dinosaurs, but gradually the dinosaurs began to die out.

All through history there are descriptions of dinosaurs, (which people drew) or wrote down.

Two descriptions are in the Bible (Job 40 and 41), which both sound exactly like huge dinosaurs. Read them for yourself, and compare them with what you know of some of the biggest dinosaurs.
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