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Dinosaur Facts 3

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Dinosaur Facts 3

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short name: Dinosaur Facts 3
nutshell: Dinosaur Facts

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Wording of this Handout:

When scientists dig up the bones of dinosaurs, they have very little to work on. They don't usually find any skin, or even all the bones, so they have to do a lot of guessing.

They guess the shape of the dinosaur, they guess the colors, they guess the sounds, they guess the diet, they guess the behavior. They guess just about everything - including the time they lived!

One big mistake which scientists have made was the Brontosaurus. A scientist stuck the wrong head on to the wrong skeleton and thought he had found a new dinosaur.

Dinosaurs were created tame. Adam and Eve probably enjoyed their company - but after Adam and Eve sinned against God, dinosaurs (and all other creatures) started to become wild.

Dinosaurs ate nothing but leaves and grass when they were created, but after Adam and Eve sinned they began to eat meat too.

The Bible tells us only the truth about dinosaurs.
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