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Dinosaur Facts 2

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Dinosaur Facts 2

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short name: Dinosaur Facts 2
nutshell: Dinosaur Facts

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Wording of this Handout:

*God created all the dinosaurs.

*The first dinosaurs on earth were created on day 6 of Creation week (Gen.1 :24) about 6000 years ago.

*Only a few dinosaurs were huge. Most of them were as small as a sheep or smaller.

*Dinosaurs began to die out after Adam and Eve sinned,

*The only dinosaurs that survived the Great Flood were the ones that went on board Noah's Ark.

*Dinosaur fossils are usually the remains of dinosaurs which died in the Great Flood.

*The dinosaurs which came off the Ark had babies and soon produced a new generation, but almost all of these new offspring have died out completely.

*Reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs :
Climate change
Lack of food
Hunting by predators
Hunting by Man
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