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Dinosaur Facts

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Dinosaur Facts

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nutshell: Dinosaur Facts

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Wording of this Handout:

Why did dinosaurs lay small eggs?

Because if the eggs had been any bigger, the shells would have had to be thicker, and that would have made it harder for air to pass through the shell to the baby inside. Also, the baby would have had more trouble breaking out when it was ready to hatch.

Noah took dinosaurs on to the Ark with him - but they were probably baby dinosaurs, because baby animals take up less room, and eat less.

After the great flood, when Noah came out of the Ark again, the dinosaurs started to move around the world, but things were different now, and most of them died out. That is why there are almost no dinosaurs alive today.

Some fossil sauropod skeletons give the impression that these huge dinosaurs may have been as long as 50 meters! (150 feet long)
To get an idea of how big this was, see how small the man seems by comparison.
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