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Hair and Greed

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Hair and Greed

tags: lamington, hair, humor

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short name: Hair and Greed
nutshell: Hairy Lamington

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Wording of this Handout:

A silly young fellow called Fred,
Lost far too much hair off his head;
The tonics he tried,
Hurt so much that he died,
So he's no longer worried... he's dead!

Greedy is as greedy does...

When my extended family was closer together, it was easy to have a 'get together' at Christmas. They were good times, with tons of food, and little presents for all the toddlers, and plenty of things to talk about.
One or the main attractions was the food. It came in all shapes and sizes, and it was usually sugary, so the younger ones headed for it with great enthusiasm.
it was usually sugary, so the younger ones headed for it with great enthusiasm.
In particular, there was a plate piled with lamingtons. These were made of a sponge sort of stuff, with icing all over, and coconut stuck to the icing. They were yummy!
One Christmas, I and someone else decided to find out who the greediest child in the room was, so we cut a piece of real rubber sponge into the right shape, making sure it was larger than all the other pieces, and covered it with icing and coconut It looked, weighed, and felt exactly like the real thing.
Trying not to give away our joke by staring, we watched as the children went for the lamingtons. One fellow deliberately took the biggest...raised it to his mouth...sank his teeth into it...looked at the place where he had failed to get a mouthful. he was caught!
But what is greed? It is the opposite to generosity. A greedy person wants too much for him or herself, and doesn't put other people first. Greed comes from the desire to take not give. It means "Me first!" The Bible says, in 1 Timothy 3 that we should not be greedy for money, and in Ephesians 4: 19 it says that people who turn away from God become greedy for everything bad.
So the next time you are tempted to be greedy, remember the lamington.
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