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Jack Frost

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Jack Frost

tags: jack, frost, humor, poem

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short name: Jack Frost
nutshell: Jack Frost

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Wording of this Handout:

Jack Frost
Jack Frost well he arrived one day
And sat upon a tree;
He came the icicles to bring,
And there he sat, still shivering,
Until the end of May.

"I need a jersey!" he complained,
"My hands and feet are cold!
I need a place to warm my face -
I must be growing old!"

Jack Frost he cried and from his eyes
A stream of snowflakes fell,
He wiped his nose,
And I suppose,
He rubbed his toes,
And didn't feel too well.

But granny Smith not far away,
Was walking home that sunny day,
She stopped to hear
The things Jack had to say.

"Dear boy" said granny Smith, "I see
You are a silly twit!
Come home with me,
And have some tea,
Then learn a handy skill from me,
I'll show you how how to knit."

So Jack stayed up all night and got
The hang of making sweaters,
He knitted four and put them on,
And now his chilblains have all gone,
He's really feeling better.

So if this year the snow was late,
And frost was never on the gate,
And puddles missed their film of ice,
Its all because Jack's feeling nice.

I sometimes sit and wish that I
could grow a string and tail,
Then spread my wings and quickly fly,
Upon a passing gale.

Good morning world its good to see,
The sun is where its meant to be,
The clouds are white, the sea is green
And I'm the best I've ever been.
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