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Fantastic Fruit Facts

Sunday School Handout:

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short name:Fantastic Fruit Facts

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Wording of this Handout:

Bananas are berries, which grow upwards. Bunches of bananas are called hands, with as many as 200 fingers. (And wow can they play the piano!)

Cherries are usually the first fruits ready to eat in summer. They have one seed inside called a stone (Not Mick Jagger) and they grow in bunches. (The sea waves goodbye and this fruit says cherry-o!)

Gooseberries are round and green and prickly (Like your school teacher?) When gooseberries are green they are ripe - unlike geese, which are large and white and never ripen.

Kiwi Fruit used to be called Chinese Gooseberry - (because maybe Chinese geese liked to eat them? ) They grow in New Zealand and are not eaten by kiwis, nor are they made out of kiwis. In fact kiwis have nothing to do with them! Kiwi fruit is brown and oval and hairy - like your knee cap - and full of seeds which nobody bothers to pick out.

Paw paw is a tropical fruit from Mexico. The paw paw tree lives only about four years before it dies. How sad. Paw thing.

Pineapple is not an apple, nor does it grow on a pine tree. (And cabbages don't grow on cabbage trees either!) Pineapple has no seed. It grows from cuttings which sprout from the top of the fruit. It is about the size of a rugby ball, bumpy, and bright yellow - just like the principal's brain - and it is delicious too!
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