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Life-giving water?

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Life-giving water?

tags: water, evolution, creationism

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short name: Life-giving water?
nutshell: Dismissing Evolution

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Wording of this Handout:

One of the silliest things I have ever heard was when a man on TV said that when it rained, the rain "brought life" to the soil.

The truth is, rain never brings life. Life is often helped by rain, because living things need water, but water cannot make life.

I heard something like this on another TV program, when some scientists were talking about maybe finding life on the planet Mars. The reason they thought life might be there was because they thought there might have been water on Mars.

But that is really silly, because water can't make life.

Life is made of cells, and cells are very complicated. All the parts of a cell have to be working properly together before even one cell can live. Cells cannot just appear out of nowhere either.
They have to come from other cells.

So where did life come from?
God. He created life, using water and many other things. God is the Master Designer - not water!
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