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Word Boxes

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Word Boxes

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short name: Word Boxes
nutshell: Word Boxes

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Wording of this Handout:

Here are some word-boxes. As you can see, nearly all the letters of the alphabet have been used. By adding two letters to the top letter, a word has been made.
What you have to try and do is add two more letters, to make a word along the bottom of each pile of boxes.

Possible Answers
1. Carrot
2. Candy
3. Trace
4. Rodeo
5. Beton
6. Often
7. Bagel
8. Other
9. Juice
10. Alert
11. Stamp
12. Giant
13. Honey
14. Grape
15. Aware
16. House
17. Plate
18. Funny
19. Seven
20. Growl
21. Taxes
22. Swing
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