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Boat and Tricks

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Boat and Tricks

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short name: Boat and Tricks
nutshell: Boat and Tricks

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Wording of this Handout:

Make a
Detergent Boat.

1. Cut out a piece of card, in to this sort of shape.

2. Place your \'boat\' onto clean, still, water.

3. Drop some detergent in to the little triangle at the back.

It doesn\'t exactly roar away with a great splash of spray and the thunder of a mighty motor . . . but it does move!

Take a look at the word:
and see if you can make seven four-letter words from it.

How good is your judgement ?
Take a look at this top hat, and see if you can tell if the brim is as wide as the hat is tall?

Can you find 53 triangles in this star? It\'s possible, but I\'ll let you do the counting.

The dead finger in the matchbox.

All you need for this horrible little trick, is a matchbox, some cotton wool, and some red stuff that looks like blood. (I hope you aren\'t too squeamish too!)

Cut a little hole in the back of the drawer, and poke your finger through . . . then pad it with some cotton wool, and add a little \'blood\' to make it look fresh. You can also puff a little powder on it, or try some other colors, using food dye.

The brim is exactly as wide as the hat is tall. It doesn\'t look like that does it!

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