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Science puzzle - Bicycle

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Science puzzle - Bicycle

tags: science, puzzle

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short name: Science puzzle - Bicycle
nutshell: Science puzzle

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Wording of this Handout:

Suppose you were riding your bicycle along a flat, straight road when you caught up with your friend who was also riding a bicycle the same way.
If you tied a rope to your friend's bicycle and pulled him along, would it take more energy or less energy to move the two bicycles?

for falling things All completely made up!!!

If your head falls in to the toilet, Just fish it out and boil it.
If your wig drops in to soup, Hang it in the chicken coop.
If your teeth drop in to custard, Cover them with mustard.
If your legs fall in to ice, Sprinkle them with spice.
If your arms drop in to ale, Feed them to a whale.
If your tummy rolls under the bed, Place it in the back shed.
If your ears cause your trouble, insert them in to a bubble.
If anyone sees you reading this ridiculous stuff, Drop it in to a rubbish bin!

The sky is full of holes today,
The sea is full of drops,
So I've been sent indoors to play
I'll be here till it stops.

Science puzzle answer
Less energy, because even though you would be pedalling harder, your friend would not be pedalling, so he would not be using as much energy as before. You are obviously an Noddy for towing your friend and a first class Dodo for tying rope to a bicycle in a public road!
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