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Story Annie and the Knives ( 1 of 3 )

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Story Annie and the Knives ( 1 of 3 )

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short name: Story Annie and the Knives ( 1 of 3 )
nutshell: Story Annie and the Knives

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Wording of this Handout:

There was once a little girl called Annie. She was a kitchen-maid, which meant that she lived with some wealthy people, and worked for them as a servant. She was well looked-after and happy, living this way.

One of Annie's jobs was to polish the cutlery. In those days there was no such thing as stainless steel, so all the knives and forks and spoons had to be polished and cleaned regularly, to keep them looking shiny.

Annie was also a Christian. She knew that whatever she did, she should do it as best she could, because it was the same as doing it for Jesus.

As Annie worked, the cook came into the room.
"No need to polish those knives so hard!" laughed the cook.
"But I must!' Said Annie, "I'm pretending that Jesus will be using them next! "

"I suppose you're right!" Said the cook.
The cook smiled as she left the kitchen, but she thought about what Annie had said.
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