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Good Mums And Dads Do All These Things!!

Sunday School Handout:

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short name:Good Mums And Dads Do All These Things!!
nutshell:Mums and Dads

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Wording of this Handout:


Help you with your homework.
Give you ideas about what you might do when you grow up.
Drive you to where you need to go.
Show you how to make the most of your time.
Teach you things.
Point out ways of being safe.
Care about which people you are friends with.
Repair or replace your clothes.
Guard you from possible harm.
Help you say words properly.
Answer the phone for you.
Take you for holidays.
Protect you when you are in trouble.
Stop you from getting into fights.
Keep you from wasting time.
Take photographs and videos of you.
Buy things for you.
Clean up after you.
Bake and cook things for you.
Love you whatever happens.
Tell you stories and jokes.
Explain to you the good and bad about movies.
Nurse you when you are hurt or sick.
Make sure you know about good food.
Get books for you.
Stick by you as your best friend.
Pray for you.
Have your hair cut properly.
Tell you about history and life when they were young.
Keep you clean and hygienic.
Look after the garden.
Meet people at the door and make them welcome.
Play with you and make you laugh.
Encourage you when you need it.
Show you how to earn pocket-money.
Discipline you when you are naughty.
Come and watch when you do sports and things.
Train you when you are practising for something.
Come to town and help you buy things.
Arrange things in the house to make you feel at home.
Manage all your finances until you can do them yourself.
Help you understand the Bible.
Show you how to walk close to God every day .
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