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Johnny Appleseed

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Johnny Appleseed

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short name: Johnny Appleseed
nutshell: Johnny Appleseed

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Wording of this Handout:

Johnny Appleseed
Ever heard of Johnny Appleseed?
He was a real person, but his true name was Jonathan Chapman.
He died in 1845

During his lifetime, he managed to plant more than 100,000 square miles (about 170,000 in apple trees.

He liked to carry a bag of seeds with him wherever he went. He got them from the mills.

He also took with him a heap of Bibles, which he gave away as he went along.

Over the years, Johnny went back many times to the trees he had planted, and pruned them.

He liked to dress his own way too. He wore a tin pot for a hat, and a coffee sack for a shirt!

There is one letter missing from this crossword.

Once you have the right letter, you can solved the whole puzzle.
(This is suitable for younger readers)
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