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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Hats

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short name: Hats
nutshell: Hats

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Wording of this Handout:

Where did you get that HAT?

When my daughter Tamlyn was lucky enough to be invited to a birthday party, she was told to come with a hat. Not just some ordinary old hat, though. It had to be fancy. There was a prize for the best hat, so Tamlyn got busy, with a little help from her sister, and soon she had an amazing thing sitting on her head!

Here's how the hat was made. First, she borrowed a panama hat off Mum. Then, she went around the house, snipping things like leaves and flowers, until she had quite a good collection.

Next, she got my stapler, some sellotape, and a bit of string

She got one of her little dolls, and tied it to the top, and hung strips of red crepe paper around the brim, which fluttered about when she walked.

You many not have a hat to start with, so you can make your own.

One simple way is to get a full sheet of news paper, and fold it lengthways. Fold it twice, and bend it around your head like a big head-band, and staple the 'tail' at the back.

Now you have the first part of a good hat. You can now poke things into the open slot around the top, or color in things and stick them on, or stick strips of paper around the sides, or dangle things on strings from the bottom edge, or cut the 'tail' into ribbons, or attach long trailing bits of paper...

Use your imagination, It may surprise you to find out what you have in it!
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