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Sunday School Activity Sheet: appendix

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short name: appendix
nutshell: appendix

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Wording of this Handout:

What use is the appendix?

Some people think the appendix is a useless part of our bodies but todays doctors have realized how important it is.

One really important thing which the appendix does is help to keep us well and healthy

Sometimes people have to have therein appendix removed, because it gets infected - but it only gets like thins because it has been working really hard to protect the rest of the body!

Did you know that a few years ago some 'important'
people thought there were 180 parts to our bodies which we didn't need - but now we know that we need every single on of them

Just like we really need an appendix


This is a trick question.

If you read the Bible, in whick book do you find the very first miracle by Jesus?

Did you say Matthew? No, you have to go back further than that.

The right answer is Genesis, the very first book, because it through Jesus that the world was created. We do not know which miracle in Genesis was the exact first one, but we do know that on the first day "God created the heavens and the earth," (Genesis 1:1)
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