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Dinosaurs - How Did They Die Out?

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Dinosaurs - How Did They Die Out?

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short name: Dinosaurs - How Did They Die Out?
nutshell: How did dinosaurs die

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The usual theory about the extinction of dinosaurs is that a long time ago a huge asteroid came in from space and hit the Earth.

The theory goes that the asteroid's impact caused dust to cover the world, and lowered the temperature, so all the dinosaurs froze to death!

There are some big problems with this theory, and there is no evidence to support it.

HOWEVER, the Bible tells us what happened to the dinosaurs, and all the evidence support the BIble exactly.

The Bible says God created all living things, including the first humans. But soon after the creation the humans sinned against God, so God judged them, and their world.

About a thousand years after that, Mankind was so wicked God judged the whole world by sending a worldwide flood. This destroyed all living things and buried many of them in sand and sediments, which later hardened into sedimentary rock.

But God preserved some living things, in a huge boat, along with one human family.

After the flood, the boast grounded on a new piece of land and the animals were let out. Dinosaurs were set free and they started to breed, but eventually they died out.

Dinosaurs died by all the usual things - Change of climate, Hunted by humans, Predators, Not enough food.
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