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174 - Getting away with sin?

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 174 - Getting away with sin?

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short name: 174 - Getting away with sin?

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Wording of this Handout:

Most people you and I know who are unbelievers, live lives which they choose to live. They 'Do their own thing', and call themselves 'free'. But these people also turn their backs on Jesus, and push Him out of their lives. They enjoy the pleasures of sin, and it looks like God doesn't mind.

Does this mean that God is actually happy to let people do whatever they want, or is He just plain indifferent? No, God is never pleased when people deliberately disobey Him. And He does care about what they do. So why doesn't God do something about it? Because God is slow to anger.

God waited 120 years in the days of Noah before He moved. He waited 400 years until He finally brought Israel out of Egypt. (Or 430 years if you count Joseph's time there) He gave the wicked people of Canaan more than 40 years before He brought the armies of Israel in to invade and destroy them. He waited 55 years for king Manasseh to repent (2 Kings 21:1) and he waited many years for each of the kingdoms in the vision which Nebuchadnezzar had to change their ways, before He destroyed them. God waited 70 years for the Jewish nation to repent before He brought the Romans to destroy their city. God waited 1260 years before he judged the corrupt Roman church. God has waited, and is still waiting, for people to change their ways, otherwise He will act.

But many people think that, because God doesn't do something, like send a lightning bolt, or speak to them, that they are getting away with their sin. No way! God always catches up with people, eventually. Unfortunately by then God is really angry, so it's usually too late to escape His judgment!

Jesus said: "The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy. " Psalm 103:81 (King James Version)
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