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How Good Are You?

Sunday School Activity Sheet: How Good Are You?

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short name: How Good Are You?

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Wording of this Handout:

How Good are you?

A Mighty Mag Publication

Can you be honest with yourself? If you can... Answer the following ten questions, and see what the result is!

1. Do you love God with all you heart, all you should, and all of your mind, and all of you strength

2. Do you believe in the one and only true God, the God of the Bible, and no other?

3. Do you ever use God's name as a swear word? Do you say "God, I'm late!" or, something like that? Do you sear with the name of Jesus?

4. Do you set aside one day a week for rest, and for the Bible-reading, and for worship, and make it a special day for the Lord?

5. Do you value, Honor, and respect you parents? Have you always been obedient to them?

6. Have you ever, even for a moment, hated another person? Have you ever had a strong dislike towards anyone?

7.Have you ever looked at another person, and wanted to have sex with them?

8. Have you ever seen something you wanted, and either wanted to steal it, or actually stolen it?

9. Have you ever told a lie? Have you tried to mislead someone, either by letting them think something untrue, or by telling half-truths?

10. Have you ever seen unsatisfied with what you already have, and wanted more and more?

If you said "no" to any question, the Bible says you are a sinner, going to hell. But cheer up! Jesus died for sinners! You can be forgiven!
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