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Crazy page 01

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Crazy page 01

tags: crazy page, humor, fun page, activity sheet, jokes, silly, watch dog, sleeping pills, dogfish, zzub zzub

handout id: 4002
short name: Crazy page 01
nutshell: Joke page

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Wording of this Handout:

Crazy Page

Mind-readers: "Hello, you're fine!" "So are you!"

An eskimo's toilet: Ig Loo

"Have you seen the invisible man? You have? I thought he was invisible!!"

"Do horses have night-mares when they sleep?"

The shortest distance between two points is a straight lion.

"Whoops! My fly is undone!"

The calculator says, "You can count on me!"

"Beware of the Frog"

The big nosed man says, "I wonder why people call me nosey?"

The apple says to the man who lost his dentures in it, "Something you can get your teeth into."

Can a letter box?

The kid balloon says to the dad balloon, "Hi Pop!" And the dad replies, "Please don't call me that!"

The Lunch pack of the Notre Dame.

The man says to the flies, "Buzz off!"

Did you know that you are as old as your age?

"I have such sharp eyes I keep cutting myself!"

What's the opposite to a candle? A can't dil!

The sun sets faster than jelly sets.

What goes zzub zzub? A bee, flying backwards!

Walk socks!

Sleeping pills!


Cows don't forget things because they have good moomeries!

A cat down a hole is called a catastrophe!

Sea weed with eyes is see-weed.

The scale says, "Hey! Weight for me!"

a dog with a clock for a face is called a watch dog.

"Help! My running machine has run away!"

And don't forget: God loves you!
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