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Interview with a teacher

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Interview with a teacher

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Wording of this Handout:

From Mighty Mag reporter Tamlyn we present

Interview with a school teacher

1. Why did you become a teacher?

Because I wanted to work with families, and grow more mature.

2. Do your students think you are a good teacher?

Some do, but I don't know if they mean it.

3. Do you think you will change from being a teacher to something else?

Yes definitely. I want to do Christian counseling and work to build stronger families - especially encouraging them to home-school.

4. Do you like being a teacher?

Most of the time, but it is a very busy job and there is a lot of work.

5. have there been times when you have want to quit, and when, and why?

Yes, and it is mostly because of work load and having pressure from parents to do more.

6. What songs do you like?

Ones that teach me about God and being a better Christian.

7. Do you like modern art?


8, What is you favorite animal?


9. What animals do you have?

A dash hound (dachshund) - a small, long-haired dog with a beautiful face.

Thank you Matthew Cameron of Timaru Christian School - you may sit down not, and please finish you homework or you will have your name on the chalkboard!
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