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MMag 021 Gospel tract (2)

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 021 Gospel tract (2)

tags: tract, salvation, witness, witnessing, share Christ, sharing Christ, christ, Jesus, Jesus Christ, resurrection, rose from the dead, unsaved, non christian, gospel tract

handout id: 4028
short name: MMag 021 Gospel tract (2)
nutshell: Counting our blessings.

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Wording of this Handout:

When he was old, he liked to sit on the stump to rest, and when he died, some wood he had saved from the tree was used to make his coffin.

The tree had given everything for the boy-even it's very life.

Jesus Christ is like this tree. All through our livesJesus cares for our needs. And more than this, Jesus gave His life for us, when He died on the cross for our sins.

God loves you!

Count your blessings! Draw a circle round the blessings which God has given to you.

Meat, father, libraries, Cream, fun, ice, music, jam, health, friends, a body, music, rivers, cake, cars, hospitals, sweets, mother, school, sport, mountains, school, fruit, biscuits, mouse, video player, dog, sister, heater, radio, oven, fingers, chocolate, smile, bed, hills, house, CDs, aunt, house, legs, voice, cat, busses, sky, air, vegetables, garden, grandma, feet, ocean, bread, television, radio, couch.
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