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MMag 020 Gospel tract (1)

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 020 Gospel tract (1)

tags: tree, give, gave, the giving tree, chopped, boy, childhood, supplied, supply, provided, provide

handout id: 4036
short name: MMag 020 Gospel tract (1)
nutshell: A boy makes use of this one tree from boyhood to manhood.

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Wording of this Handout:

The Giving Tree

The boy loved that little tree. When birds sat in its branches he listened to their songs.

And as the seasons came and went he enjoyed the changing colors of the leaves.

As the boy grew up, he used the tree to make all sorts of things. A hut, a cricket bat, a fishing rod, a swing, and much more.

And when he was a man, he decided to build a house, so he cut the tree down and used the wood for boards. The left over branches he burned as firewood, and some of the pieces he carved. to give as presents for his friends.
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