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MMag 203 Real Christians

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 203 Real Christians

tags: christian, myth, true, truth, real, christianity, real christian, false, untrue, falsity, Christians have hard times too, what is a Christian

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short name: MMag 203 Real Christians

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Wording of this Handout:

A Mighty Mag Publication By Richard Gunther

What on earth is a real Christian??

Christians are always incredibly well-off!

Christians are always amazingly happy!

Christians always have endless luck and good fortune!
Gift. You won again! Free samples.

Christians never get sick!

Christians are always going to Church!

A Christian is anyone who has accepted JESUS
as their own savior Christians live for Jesus and they call him LORD.

Christians usually get rid of everything from their lives which they know Jesus does not like. THat is a matte between them, and Him, and the Bible.

Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God,

That he is equal to God in all ways,

That He died for all people,

And that the Bible is the pure and perfect word of God.

A Real Christian is committed to a person. anything else is not a real Christian, but a counterfeit or a cult.

What place does Jesus hold, in YOUR LIFE?
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