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The Tidy Builder Puzzle

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The Tidy Builder Puzzle

tags: accomodation, puzzle, tool, construction, hammer, drill, shovel saw, plier

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short name: The Tidy Builder Puzzle

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Wording of this Handout:

Bill the Builder has a large number of tools, but sometimes he leaves them in an untidy mess.
To help him tidy up, write the name of each tool in the box provided ... then read the secret word down the arrow.
(One of the words has been done for you, because Bill wanted to have JAM sandwiches for breakfast before he went to work!)

1. Hacksaw
2. Chisel
3. Screws
4. Shovel
5. Hammer
6. Jam
7. Boards
8. Drill
9. Nails
10. Tape
11. Pliers
12. Concrete
13. Pencil
download this handout