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Animal Sounds Puzzle

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Animal Sounds Puzzle

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short name: Animal Sounds Puzzle

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Wording of this Handout:

Match the animals with the name of the group of animals:

A flock of.......
A drove of......
A cluster......
A herd of.......
A school of......
An army of.......
A kindle of.......
A brood of.......

Animal Sounds Puzzle
See if you can match the animal with the sound it makes. Just draw a line between the animal and the word which is usually used to mean the sound it makes.

Ape Moo
Donkey Grr
Cat Gobble
Cow Quack
Crow Ooh Ooh
Dove Coo Coo
Duck Caw Caw
Goose Meow
Hen Roar
Lion Hiss
Owl Towitowoo
Turkey OInk
Wolf Honk
Snake Cluck
Horse Eeyore
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