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A 70 Year Old Candy Bar

Sunday School Handout:

tags: humor, humour, funny, fun, jokes, a 70 year old candy bar, eye on you

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short name:A 70 Year Old Candy Bar
nutshell:Joke page.

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Wording of this Handout:

A 70 Year Old Candy Bar.

"At last-my letter to me has arrived!"

"It's so dark I can't see if the light is off."

"I'm keeping an eye on you."

The man in the moon married the woman in the earth and had a whole lot of kids in satellites.

"Mum-are these lots of flies on the World Wide Web?"

A sad note.

Has anyone seen my pet alligator?

So here we are stuck on the right hand side of yet another page filling up a thin narrow space with a lot of useless little words.


Art lesson.

Dry Paint.

I can't remember what I've forgotten.

Dad told me to put my best foot forward, but which one?

"Why did you decide to play football?"

There are 270,668,934,431,000,000 stars in the universe-go on, check it and see if I'm right!

If your parent had no children then you won't be able to read this!

I think you're adorable.

How to draw a curtain.

I love bubble gum.
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