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Hair-clip Fishing

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Hair-clip Fishing

tags: craft, fish, fishing, game

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short name: Hair-clip Fishing
nutshell: Instructions on how to play the Hair-clip Fishing game

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Wording of this Handout:

Hair-clip Fishing

This is a game which requires patience, skill, and wonderful, masterful control of a crazy magnet-thingee that swings about everywhere you don't want it to!

You will need:
1. A magnet of some sort. (You can either by one, or find one. If someone's throwing out an old speaker, you'll find a good magnet inside it somewhere.)
2. A stick, such as a broom-handle, or something similar.
3. String
4. Sellotape.
5. A packet of hair-clips. (You need 20 clips per player)

To make the fishing rod, tie string to one end of stick and tie magnet to the other end of string. Next, lie some hair-clips (fish) on a mat of sheet of paper across room. How, dangle the magnet around the hair-clips (fish) and try to catch one.

Rule One: The aim is to catch each fish by the head - not the side or tail - one at a time.

Rule Two: First one to catch twenty the correct way wins.

Rule Three: As soon as a fisherman catches a fish the wrong way, it is the next fisherman's turn to try. Pass the rod over to the next player.

Take turns. Put ten fish down and space the apart so none of them are touching or overlapping.

Hint: To make the fishhook better, you can cut out a bit of paper and Sellotape it over the hair-clip, then lay the fish paper side up, with the head loop of the cop protruding. If you can't be bothered reading all this, just look at the diagram.
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