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MMag 192 Yuk in sink

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 192 Yuk in sink

tags: sinner, sin, sinning, Jesus, salvation, redeem, redemption, redeemed, redeeming, wages of sin, death, cleanse, cleansed

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short name: MMag 192 Yuk in sink

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Wording of this Handout:

A Mighty Mag Publication

THe YUK in the SINK

Here comes Harry A. Normal, into his bathroom. Harry's going to give his hands a wash. Good for you, Harry! Het those little fingers nice and clean, and keep the grubblies away.

But what's this ? There's a bit of yuk in the sink.

What will Harry do? Harry is wiping the yuk off the sink with his hands. Nice try Harry.

Now Harry is using his other hand. But what's this? The Yuk is certainly difficult to move!

Poor Harry.... He's getting Yuk all over himself!

Harry A. Normal is sure having a spot of bother today....

It looks like he's needing a bit of help.....

Too late, our chum Harry has snuffed it. He has kicked the bucket. The Yuk got him, in the end. Bye bye Harry!

What our friend Harry didn't know, was that he was and illustration. He ran into some Yuk, but he couldn't get it off...

Harry A. Normal Yuk

The Bible says "The wages of sin is death...." Sin, like yuk, is impossible to get rid of. No person can clean their own heart - sin will kill you, in the end!

You sin = Breaking God's laws

Only by believing in the death of Jesus can anyone be set free from the deadly effects of sin.

Let the blood of Christ was all your sins away!
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