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How to Make Your Own Hedgehog

Sunday School Activity Sheet: How to Make Your Own Hedgehog

tags: humor, joke page, telephones talking to each other, jam fly, bread fly, cloud 10 1/2

handout id: 4101
short name: How to Make Your Own Hedgehog
nutshell: Joke page.

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Wording of this Handout:

How to make your own hedgehog:
1. Plant a cactus.
2. Water it every day.
3. 3 weeks later out pops a hedgehog!

Short cut, long cut.

There r 2 meni dum peepl in the weld.

Mum! Dad! I'm engaged!

You chalk too much!

I have a meat to pick with you!

What's your name? Peg.

Word skills: "Omlette" A play by Shakespeare.


A jamfly.

A butterfly.

Cloud 10 1/2

Dog 1. Cat 1, cat 2, cat 3, cat 4, cat 5, cat 6, cat 7, cat 8, cat 9.


Movie review: Star Wars. Return of the judder bar, the umpire strikes out, the bantams menagerie.

Ouch! Mum gave me a clip around the ear!

Ever heard of the great royal writer-Print Charming?

Must you always make such cutting remarks?

Hey, I'm doing the cake walk! And I'm doing the muffin walk!

Here we have three kinds of lightening: Bolt, nutty and forked!

Want to lose weight? Then try...

Do telephones talk to each other when we aren't listening?

If you don't control your tongue-I'll boot you out!

A very rare one leafed clover.
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